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Tokenization is changing entire value chains, enabling new business models and openining participation in a global token economy.

Let us guide you along the way:

What we do

Fractionalization of assets, virtual grails for the metaverse or blockchain backed access to communities: we leverage the latest in tech and blockchain to bring our clients into the world of Web3.

Asset Backed Tokens

combining the technology of blockchain with the requirements of regulated markets.

Non fungible tokens (NFTs)

unique digital identifiers that use blockchain to record ownership of media.

Community tokens

new opportunities for creators and brands through token based access to memberships or communities.

Areas of expertise

Our team of blockchain experts has a proven track record of tokenizing almost any imaginable asset. Over the course of the years, we have specialized in six key industries:

Art & Collectibles

The tokenization of art pieces, collectible items and creation of NFTs.


Commodities & Minerals

Tokenization of primary materials ranging from gold bullion to diamonds.


Real Estate

Turning property into tradable shares and digital assets through tokeinzation



Blockchain based supply chain traceability, impact token and impact investing


Sports & Gaming

The tokenization of fan engagement, crowdfunding and collectibles.


Financial Products

Turning bonds, securities and digital currencies into tokenized assets


We are passionately simplifying the world of tokenization - When will you join us?

It is our firm belief that token economies will change entire value chains and enable new business models. Let us show you how: