Open platform integrating all required functions in a fully automated workflow

Each module can be fully customized and adjusted to the specific requirements of the client and jurisdiction. The platform supports the following features:
  • White-Labelled Front-End

    White-Labelled Front-End

    • Landing page widget
    • Mobile & web-application
    • Zero-touch two factor authentication
  • Project Team Dashboard

    • Smart analyses of raised funds
    • Dialog with the contributor community
    • Management of the sales stages
  • Open API Back-End

    • Secure and seamless integration of 3rd party service providers
  • Client Workflow

    • Video and photo identification
    • Source of funds
    • Document management
    • Qualified digital signature
    • Investment decision
    • Credential onpassing to secondary market
    • Support channel
  • Compliance Officer Dashboard

    • For bank compliance officers
    • For financial intermediaries
    • Client dossier
    • AML forensic checks
    • Investor acceptance or rejections
    • Contributor relations
  • Payment Dashboard

    • Automated payment matching
    • Exception handling
    • Contributor relations
  • OTC & Secondary Market

    • Bulletin board option
    • OTC marketplace option
    • On-chain white-listing option
  • Token Lifecycle Management

    • Exchange onboarding
    • Token generation, distribution & burning
    • Public sales and private sales
  • Other Components

    • Token development & token audit
    • Bespoke software solutions
    • Custody solution
    • Payment infrastructure & electronic archive
    • Additional cryptocurrencies

Standard User Journey

«It’s very simple: in the digitized world, a convenient but fully compliant client lifecycle management is crucial. This solution can be adapted to your needs in a very flexible way.»

CCO, New Digital Bank

1)Information Gathering

User arrives at project’s landing page. Through the widget, the user registers on the white-labelled Tokengate version and provides information such as personal data, wallet addresses and declaration of funds. Agreements are generated.

Once complete, user is allowed to proceed to step 2.

2)KYC & e-Signing

If video identification is needed, video identification according to FINMA memo. Agreements can be electronically signed.

3)AML Check

The data provided by the contributor is verified and additional forensic checks are done. The compliance officer decides on acceptance of contributor.

4)Contribution Decision

User is notified about confirmation and receives payment instruction (bank account or cryptocurrencies wallet(s). User makes contribution decision in the dashboard and sends FIAT or cryptocurrencies to designated account/wallets. Tokengate matches payment according to user’s declaration.

5)Token Distribution

User receives tokens into receiving wallet. Tokens are allocated according to smart contract.


Financial Partners

  • CoreLedger
  • Bank Frick
  • Crypto Finance
  • SIX
  • Falcon
  • Zarattini & Co Bank
  • KuCoin
  • SCX
  • tokensuisse

Service Providers

  • chainsecurity
  • inacta
  • intrum

Compliance Partners

  • Capital Menegment
  • Lexpert Partners
  • cryptoconsultingag


  • tradecloud
  • equbit
  • heymate
  • finka
  • jur
  • stone_coin
art technologies

«We needed a standardized solution enabling our new business model and value chain. Tokengate is the only tool enabling the new model in any jurisdiction.»

Niko KipourosNiko KipourosCEO 4Arts


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«I find it quite convenient to have a turn key solution for financing my project compliantly while attracting traditional and digital open investors.»

Philipp TothPhilipp TothFounder & CEO of Heymate