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We simplify the universe of blockchain and tokenization, offering two types of services to our clients:


Tokenization Services

  • Art, commoditiy, real estate and financial products tokenization
  • Our framework for successful tokenization
  • Our tokenization offerings
Token Sale

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  • Our portfolio of international and diversified token projects
  • Our purchase and sales platform Tokengate
  • Our wallet and DLT share register

Connecting people with tokens


is a cutting edge token creation and management platform, serving both issuers and buyers with a better way to buy, sell and issue Token.

Client Onboarding made easy


is a comprehensive KYC and AML solution for financial products. With a smoothless integration into existing compliance solutions, individual and business entities can be securily onboarded, enjoying a state of the art onboarding experience.


Latest News

Our open and continuous communication with shareholders and investors:

Brickmark DSENT

Tokengate early access subscriptions launched

Early access subscriptions to our Tokengate beta testing phase available now: sign-up for a front row seat at the frontiers of the new token economy.

Brickmark DSENT

Brickmark and Tokengate join forces

Swiss real estate investment and management company Brickmark enters into a joint venture with Tokengate to issue the first tokenized real estate assets.

Tokengate Team

Connecting people with tokens

Behind Tokengate

Lead by a team of seasoned entrepreneuers, Tokengate combines an interdisciplinary team of world-class blockchain experts, design professionals and technologists with a passion for blockchain technology and shaping the future of digital finance:

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