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Tokenization simplified.

We help you to tokenize virtually any real-world asset that you desire.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more.
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is your SaaS-platform

The whole process of token sale, creation and issuance in one easy-to-use application:

Keep the control

Your admin dashboard allows you to quickly access all the relevant information of your project in one place.

Ensure compliance

Let us assist you in setting up your personalized KYC flow for compliance purposes. Our team can guide you through the process with ease.

Manage payments

Efficiently manage payments and keep track of invoices and receipts.

User friendly

The integration ofcustodian and personal wallets allows a frictionless and easy checkout experience for web3-savvy and first-time buyers.

Payment flexibility

Multiple payment choices to suit your needs: Credit cards, Ethereum, Bitcoin or re-paid vouchers.

Tokengate operates on a bank-grade engine and is constructed using a modular architecture

Secure and powerful. Tokengate is equipped with an extensive range of inherent features and APIs:

Multi token standards

Issue any type of token: from fungible to non-fungible tokens, we support different token standards on various chains.

Multi chain minting

Issue your tokens on the Blockchain that fit your needs. We support Ethereum, Polygon, and other EVM-compatible blockchains, enabling wider reach and scalability.

API integration

Create your own unique experience by connecting to our API.

Collaboration with external service providers

Easily integrate third-party services, including KYC providers, compliance officers, paying agents, and banks.

custom front end

Spotlight your project with Tokengate’s custom front end. We help you choose the right modules for your project.

What others say about us

Discover why our customers trust us to exceed their expectations.
Hans Fink
CEO Henris Edition.
"Thanks to Tokengate's full-service support in entering the NFT space, I've discovered a new dimension that has expanded my creative possibilities as a photographer."
Marcel Grepper
Chief internal Audit City of Zug
"Tokengate delivered an innovative concept for our NFT project. They were responsive, insightful, and made tokenization seamless. Highly recommend!"
Ibrahim can
"Thanks to Tokengate, our NFT Drops hit new heights and helped fund our junior program. A game-changer for our success!"
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