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Commodities & minerals

Attracting investors to your commodities and natural resources business


Commodities hold great potential for blockchain in multiple dimensions. Provenance and traceability is becoming more and more relevant for stakeholders in big commodity companies, as there is a growing emphasis on ESG and clean sourced raw materials.

Commodity trading is also poised to be enhanced by blockchain solutions. Automated settlements enabled by blockchain is an area where innovative solutions could streamline the industry as a whole and generate massive value by cutting costs and unnecessary dependencies.

Finally, innovative tokenized financial instruments could provide trade-finance liquidity for smaller players, as well as serving for financing the operations of producers directly.

for token issuers

Tokenization can help to unlock liquidity in the commodity markets by allowing fractional ownership and trading of commodities. This means that smaller investors can participate in commodity trading, which was previously only accessible to larger investors due to high minimum investment requirements.
Furthermore tokenization streamlines the trading and settlement process, reducing the need for intermediaries and reducing the time and costs associated with trading commodities.
Last but not least tokenization can increase transparency in the commodity market by providing a secure and immutable record of transactions, making it easier to track the ownership of commodities.

At Tokengate, we specialize in the successful launch of commodity-backed tokens and financial instruments. Our team of experts not only handles the technical aspects of your project, but we also assist our clients in structuring their token projects and navigating the complex regulatory landscape of commodity-backed issuances. From the initial concept ideation to the final issuance, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure their success.
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