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There is no doubt that blockchain technology can help address a number of environmental and social issues


Impact NFTs are digital assets utilizing the concept of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) industry and recording impact actions in the physical world. They convert traditional spend on assets and collectibles into a format that funds social and environmental causes. While utility-based NFTs are a potent tool for reshaping many industries, there is perhaps no use case more important to the future of the planet than their ability to bring trust and scalability to carbon markets. At the core of this tendency lies the proof-of-stake or negligible carbon minting process, which ensures that a token is environmentally considerate; therefore investors who prioritize these questions can now consider NFTs minted on a proof-of-stake blockchain. ESG issues have garnered

for token issuers

Tracking the impact of your project through comprehensive environmental and humanitarian reports on the blockchain opens up new opportunities in the market. Carbon credits minted as Non-fungible are gradually gaining traction in regenerative (ReFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) markets. Communities have recently launched NFTs to raise support related to ocean care, endangered animals, human trafficking, philanthropic activities, women's rights and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. NFTs can address a company’s brand asset marketing and corporate social responsibility purposes by directing a part of the NFT sale to an NGO or charity; namely, there is a trend in customers donating part of the proceeds from their NFT sales, and the revenue explains partially the growth in crypto donations.
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