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Banking & Finance

The banking-grade solution to manage the entire lifecycle of your tokens


Despite the recent turmoil in the crypto sector with the collapse of well known projects, the overall exposure of traditional financial institutions and family offices into cryptoassets increased extensively.

Large banks like JPMorgan are officially now doing trades on public blockchains like Polygon while leveraging Aave. Other banks like UBS officially announced that their investment banking arm will offer tokenization services.

The clients are demanding more digital assets products. As a result more and more banks are defining their market entrance with services and products, as well as installing the needed regulatory clearance, processes and infrastructure. Stablecoins like Tether gain more and more popularity for international (inter-)company money transfers.

for token issuers

At Tokengate, we work on a variety of tokenization projects for the financial sector. Issuing a financial instrument as a token is as easy as in a traditional form. We see now banks starting to tokenize first bonds and securities, as they are convinced that digital assets will come and stay. As such, they now want to kick-off their learning curves. Tokenized assets are gaining rapid popularity due to their simplicity, accessibility, and high liquidity, making them a preferred choice over traditional assets for an increasing number of clients.
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