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Sports & entertainment

Score big with sports and entertainment NFTs.

Create exclusive access to collectibles and memorable moments


The sports memorabilia market size was USD 26 bn in 2021, with NFT sports collectibles estimated at USD 1.4 bn, which was expected to double its market size at a 100% growth rate and reach USD 2.6 bn in 2022.

The sports memorabilia market is set to hit USD 227.2 bn by 2032 with sports NFT growing at a CAGR of 36.6% and attaining a revenue of USD 41 bn.

for token issuers

In our customer projects, we focus on appealing benefits. We are devoted to exceptional design and utilities with added value. We believe that successful projects should grant NFT owners admissions, rights, and rewards to which they would otherwise not have access. In our ongoing project with a Swiss ice hockey club, we link NFTs to:
  • Memberships
  • Tickets & invitations
  • Charity / fundraising
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